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Videos and stills from the performance form/form/form/form/body/body/body/body/body/body/body, 2018, Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden, with Freie.Performance.Praxis

Excerpts from the publication Freie.Performance.Praxis, 2020:

“This performance arose from a painting practice developed by Diana Hanitzsch, in which she works on a square form with seven layers of paint in seven colours. »It was exciting to imagine the paint as moving bodies, each with their own energy. I was curious: How would the layers interact in their pyramidal form? In the final part of the performance the colourful bodies slowly destroy the metal pyramid that held them together. Instead of keeping to its original shape, the metal form now gives way to the body and transforms into individual shapes, which are scattered across the room. In the end, nothing is left following this interplay of formation, transformation and destruction. Nothing confines the body… a bitter freedom.”

Freie.Performance.Praxis – Performance Group 

Takeover video Galerie Stephanie Kelly in 2018